Are you among those who find it hard to choose a suitable lipstick for yourself? Trust us, you not a rare species. On the contrary, you represent a vast number of women who face this dilemma more than often.

So if you are uncertain about which colour to choose or which shade will reflect best on you, please read along.

  • Go according to the undertone

First and foremost you need to understand the nature of your skin’s undertone i.e. whether it is cooler or warmer? Let’s check this out. If you find your skin to be more yellowish than pink and the visible veins in your arms are greener than blue, then you have a warmer skin tone. On other cases if your skin has pink or blue undertones and the veins below your arm turn out to be blue rather than blue, it indicates you have a cool-toned skin.

  • Consider the natural colour of your lips

It’s quite necessary for the colour of your choice match against your lips’ natural colour especially if you love to have a nude shade or natural coloured lipstick. If the shade is lighter than the colour of your lips, this can make you look pale and washed-out.

  • Look at the formula

Do your lips remain dry throughout all the season? It might sound a bit demoralizing but if it is the case, then a matt finish or a deeper shade of lipstick is not your cup of tea. This will only go flaky during the day and with the course of the time, the light cracks might be visible from a close distance. In this case, a creamy, lighter tone can be your best bet.

  • Go with your personality and lifestyle

Last but not the least; you should go for a colour that can portray your personality in rightful manner. Let’s say you chose a bold lipstick with scarlet shade but the wardrobe you clad does not complement that well, will only make you look unsettled. In a word, there is no point of choosing a colour that you will end up not wearing. If your work place requires a certain dress code including red coloured lipsticks, try not to wear a deep fuchsia shade daily. Instead choose a bright colour that you can easily carry.

Having said all that it is always best to consult a veteran make up artist if you are still not sure or you have any issue of sensitive skin.

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